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Two new Road Angel's dash cam launch

Greg Simpson

1 Dec 2021

Double-vision from Road Angel with two new dash cams launching this autumn.

Road Angel, the UK’s leading dash cam manufacturer, has announced the release of two new dash cam products, the Halo Ultra and the Halo View.

The new devices add to Road Angel’s popular “Halo” range, which already includes the Halo Go, Drive and Pro models.

However, the new models benefit from some welcome new features, including lane departure and onward collision alerts (Halo Ultra) and a Reverse Trigger feature (Halo View).

In addition, both the Halo Ultra and the Halo View offer HD “Night Vision” mode, whilst the Ultra benefits from 4K resolution.

The new dash cams are Road Angel’s first new products to hit the shelves this year, as the global pandemic and the knock on effect on the economy have made raw materials notoriously difficult to source.

However, as Road Angel director Gary Digva explains, there is no shortcut when it comes to road safety devices;

‘We’ve designed these with zero screens because they are frankly an unnecessary distraction which is not a good idea in a product that has so many benefits in terms of safety. They are very technically advanced to ensure the very best reliability and whilst that may mean a higher price point we feel customers will happily pay more for the reliability and the scope of the devices.

‘We’re hearing more calls from road safety experts, charities and other campaigners to make dash cams compulsory in all cars and whilst it might sound obvious for a dash cam manufacturer to support these comments that doesn’t make the message any less worthy of consideration.

‘They are a huge potential asset in terms of safety because whilst they cannot by themselves stop an incident, the fact that incidents are recorded more and more frequently will begin to have an impact on driver behaviour and habits. They become a deterrent to bad or dangerous driving because the potential consequences of any unsafe driving will be there for all to see. We know the police are increasingly using dash cam footage submitted by our drivers and we hope that these two latest models will be an asset to both them and the authorities if and when they are needed.’

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