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R&D from the
heart of the UK

Based in the centre of the UK, in Nottingham, we are blessed to have access to two world-class universities and a talent pool that is both rich and diverse.


So we can go the extra mile to deliver a better experience to our customers.

This means that the beating heart of our innovation, creative thinking and concept creation happens right here at our headquarters, every single day. That innovation is fostered and nurtured by a culture of continuous improvement blended with an unashamed focus on fun, exploration and a willingness to not only challenge but to totally ignore the status quo.

Humans at the heart of everything

Whilst we are designers, innovators, engineers and manufacturers, we never lose sight of the core factor…we are human and our designs are human-centric. We do not change things simply to make a mark, we improve things to make a difference.

Cutting Edge Technology

This culture, this ethos and this vast resource at our fingertips enable us to design and deliver technology that is truly world-leading and is a joy to use and experience. We are proud of our products and the small part we play in Britain’s technology-inspired future.


Constant Innovation

A culture rooted in continuous improvement and limited only by the imagination.

Data Security

Data-driven solutions backed by a dedicated UK call centre.

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