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Andrew Digva

Product & Department Manager

I’ve always had a passion for tech & electronics! I used to refurbish & sell small electronic goods in my secondary school days, this included Blackberry, iPhone and BeatsByDre headphones! Yes, I was that guy! Which I suppose after my years of working with the company is why I relate so closely with our tech products, their purpose, and our mission – safer roads! Information is key to this; a more informed driver is a safer driver and of course, prevention is better than cure! I say this proudly with my clean license and 0 speeding tickets! - not many drivers can say this, can you?

I’ve been with In Phase international, for almost 10 years, starting in logistics, moving on to retail, then retail management and thereafter working with Road Angel operations ever since we took over the business back in November 2016, this now includes our more recently acquired brand, Snooper.

Shortly after taking on Road Angel, I was involved in the day-to-day growth and development of the brand, sales, operations, products, and its services! Being heavily involved with product testing. I soon developed a passion for Road safety, relying on my Road Angel Pure when driving! When we acquired the automotive GPS giant – Snooper in 2020, this gave us the further opportunity to help inform road users! Making the roads safer for its users, this company growth is great to see and be a part of.

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