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Yiannimize THIS!

Greg Simpson

24 May 2022

Customising guru launches car cleaning range...

A Nottingham-based entrepreneur has partnered with one of the internet’s biggest stars, Yianni Charalambous (Yiannimize), to help launch the talent's new range of everyday car cleaning products adding another string to the Yiannimize bow, increasing the company's offering.

Gary Digva, director and visionary of In Phase International Group, whose businesses include the renowned Road Angel and Snooper brands, has been working behind the scenes with the supercar customiser who boasts a social following of over 4.2 million people, regularly appears on television and recently launched his own BBC Sounds podcast.

Using his expert knowledge and a team of industry experts, Yianni has turned his talents to developing a wide range of innovative interior and exterior products available to buy exclusively from Halfords stores across the UK and

Gary Digva was brought into Yianni’s talented team, which includes leading chemists and manufacturers and has been using his extensive experience in licensing and contacts within the automotive industry to help develop the range and bring it to launch.

‘This has been a hugely exciting project to work on, said Gary.

‘Yianni has a huge following and is a bona fide supercar megastar and serial entrepreneur, ultimately that is because he is massively passionate about what he does and his attention to detail is phenomenal. It has been a pleasure to work with Yianni, his team and all of the project partners in bringing this range from a concept into reality and now into Halfords.

Priced between £7.99 and £24.99, the wrap-safe Yiannimize range includes two dirt-busting car washing products - Super Suds Shampoo and Ultra Snow Foam; as well as Exterior Finish and Protect solution to keep bodywork looking its best. A streak-free Glass Cleaner and Interior Clean spray completes the range.

Alongside his TV profile, BBC Sounds podcast, Yianni’s clientele includes the biggest names in the worlds of sport and entertainment, including the likes of Stormzy and Anthony Joshua, to Sergio Aguero and Harry Styles.

Speaking about the new Yiannimize product range, Yianni said:

‘Yiannimize is here to disrupt the market. After being in the industry for so many years and working with some of the most expensive cars in the world, I know what products work best and what it takes to really give a car that A-class treatment and as I always say, brand everything!’

‘The Yiannimize range offers an affordable and full solution to car care, with easy QR-code access to video tips and tricks from my specialist team, offering everyone the chance to achieve a professional standard clean at home.’

The Yiannimize range will be available exclusively from Halfords stores and from 24th May 2022.

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